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Miami County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

Our  focus is long term, primarily focusing upon strategies for our youth.  Our goal is to promote positive development of Miami County youth and  prevent drug use and abuse. Research indicates that a focus on drug  prevention can also prevent other youth behaviors such as delinquency,  teen pregnancy, school drop-out and violence. Our strategy will be to  promote positive development before our youth become involved in problem  behaviors.

We  will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) as our planning  process. The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer a  comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related  behavioral health problems facing our community. The effectiveness of  the SPF begins with a clear understanding of Miami Counties needs and  involves community members in all stages of the planning process. We are  seeking broad community representation and local sustainability beyond  the current grant funding.

This  is a community directed process tailored to our unique challenges and  needs. Using local data, we will identify priority predictors of youth  problem behaviors called risk and protective factors specific to our  county. We will develop a focused, long range action plan for building  on existing resources and filling gaps with new resources. We will  choose tested, effective programs, policies and practices to fill  identified gaps.

Risk  Factors: Academic failure, family conflict, friends who engage in  problem behaviors, low economic deprivation, media portrayals of violence, and availability of drugs and firearms.
Protective Factors: Community, family and school rewards, and pro-social involvement
Partners are YMCA, Substance Abuse Prevention Council (SAPC), Miami County Community Service Council (MCCSC), and Aces Plus.

Meeting Schedule:

12pm YMCA Room 201D. Free lunch. Zoom option will be available.

New Location & Time:
Miami County YMCA
34 E 6th Street, Room 201 D
Peru, IN  46970
(765) 472-1979
from 12:00-1:00 PM

Questions? Contact:
Jennifer Yates
Substance Abuse Prevention Director
(765) 860-0309

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